Phylicia Rashad Shares Her Secrets To Timeless Beauty

We strive to relive the forgotten way and reawaken the skin and hair care beauty secrets of a simpler time. I think makeup is one of the most exciting forms of art. My interest in makeup is reflected in the way I use social media — on Pinterest boards or my Instagram explore page, there’s bound to be some makeup-related content. So, when I first discovered Vogue Beauty Secrets — a series of YouTube videos starring different celebrities detailing their beauty routines — I was instantly enthralled.
Use gentle cleansers that embrace the skin’s (and hair’s) natural oils, and avoid harsh detergents . Stop trying so hard.Thanks to the no-makeup makeup trend, we’ve started to see more of an effortless approach to beauty in the U.S. “Have a glass of red wine at dinner every day, and find a French boyfriend!” You don’t have to tell us twice.
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In Japan, it’s believed that applying matcha to the scalp can prevent hair-loss and promote shine. They mix the matcha with one egg and a bit of coconut oil before putting the mixture on their hair, making sure to cover the entire scalp. Tsai also points to a home remedy from Japan, in which some women save the cloudy water used when washing rice to wash their faces, giving their skin a youthful glow. “I love these Jones Road concealer sticks,” she said in another Instagram video that showcased the Jones Rode Face Pencil. Brinkley says she uses one “pale” color, which she dabs on the inner corner of her undereye, and one color that’s “a little more golden” that she uses toward the outer corner. She dots the pencil directly onto her skin and blends it with her finger.
A Renaissance-era recipe for a potion to “make the skin fair” calls for boiling rosemary flowers in sweet white wine . The bottle on the right contains the extract from a myrrh concoction. That way, it can adhere to your skin and emulsify oils, debris, pollution, and makeup. Applying it on damp skin or with damp fingertips is not as effective.
The best exfoliants for maturing skin are alpha-hydroxy acids like glycolic acid and lactic acid. You can also find these acids in toners, serums, and at-home peels. We decided to include the Lava Shells into our spa menu as they offered clients a point of difference. They have been a great success from the moment we introduced them. The combination of the heat and shells allows the therapists to work deeper into the muscles to get rid of knots and tension whilst the heat soothes and relaxes, it’s perfect. Clients just love the results they get with this treatment.
Across the globe, however, there are beauty secrets that have been passed down for generations that provide fixes to issues ranging from dandruff to dry feet. Products from Asia to South America might have ingredients and formulas that are solutions to common beauty concerns. The right formula cleanses your skin without stripping essential, healthy oils. Take it easy with exfoliating scrubs and avoid those with crushed walnut shells or abrasive ingredients.
Yes, this herb is a killer for bad breath, but it’s also superb for acne. Mint Leaves contain salicylic acid which is a perfect overnight remedy for that one pesky pimple. You can either grind the mint and apply it topically to the area of inflamation, or add it to your favorite mask and enjoy a full-face spa experience. Eggs have been used as a hair conditioning mask since the beginning of time as the high protein content in them help to improve the hair’s resilience and lustre.
To get a better understanding, Griffey wanted to re-create the recipes. So البادي ميست turned to her colleagues at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Art historian Erin Griffey is a bit of a beauty maven. “I’m one of those people who reads the backs of beauty products,” she says.
Then, I’ll do another pass after applying my face serums. Ice restricts capillaries and seals in the product by closing your pores. Doing this before cream and SPF is a reliable way to get that added healthy glow and extra tightness that feels like a face-lift in the morning. Secrets from the past empire or homemade treatments were the only color horse. I was born stateside the year the Soviet Union collapsed.