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As a general rule, we will not publish logos or other promotional images. For tables, please contact the Production Editor for appropriate formatting instructions. S/he or the Production Assistant sends reminders to all specialty group chairs and staff two weeks prior to the deadline for their Specialty Group Column submissions. The Communications & Membership Director is the Production Editor, and is responsible for the compilation, design, production, copyediting, and distribution of AIC News. In all matters relating to design and the technical aspects of production, the AIC staff has the ultimate responsibility and authority. The editor informs Specialty Group, Committee, and Task Force officers of guidelines for submissions and upcoming deadlines.
Reuters journalists may not participate in conferences where Thomson Reuters sponsors an event with a third party if doing so would conflict with the Trust Principles by undermining our reputation for integrity, independence and freedom from bias. At issue is whether Reuters’ participation in a particular Thomson Reuters business-side event with external sponsorship creates the perception that the external sponsor is buying our endorsement or influencing our news coverage. As Reuters journalists, we never identify with any side in an issue, conflict or dispute. Our text and visual stories need to reflect all sides, not just one. This leads to better journalism because it requires us to stop at each stage of newsgathering and ask ourselves “What do I know?
I don’t think your news is fake but it it definitely biased. Academy members receive many benefits for professional development, practice management, and community development. The News Writing Contest teaches students to read critically, to digest and prioritize information quickl, and to write clearly, accurately and succinctly. Emphasis is placed on mechanical and stylistic precision, lead writing, use of direct and indirect quotes, and news judgment. The Headline Writing contest teaches students to read critically, to digest and prioritize information quickly and to write clearly, accurately and succinctly. Emphasis is placed on the ability to discern key facts and to write with flair and style in order to tell and sell a story.
In addition to experiencing the duties involved in journal editing, the resident editors will participate in a mentored curriculum to learn about all aspects of publication ethics. Turning to experts like StoredTech, a leading managed services provider and IT consultant in New York and North Carolina, is a surefire way to simplify and streamline your IT. That last thing we needed in the noxious swirl of confusion and misinformation over COVID-19 was the president’s official coronavirus adviser, of all people, spreading a reckless and dangerous myth.
Slade Gorton said members of his party are betraying the country and the Constitution by refusing to accept that Trump should be impeached for shaking down Ukraine. “Any Republican who signs on to this pile of hot garbage should be laughed at for getting duped by Biden,” wrote NRO editor Philip Klein. Success in unionizing will set a new precedent in the editorial world. “Allowing a power-hungry fascist dictatorship to succeed will encourage other dictatorships to try,” The Kyiv Independent wrote in an editorial. We value you, we know you’re precious, and we will do everything in our power to provide you with trusted information.
In wugt news editorials , we must identify ourselves as Reuters journalists if directly questioned. Details Reuters’ requirements and responsibilities pertaining to your personal investments and access to material nonpublic information. Failure to adhere to the standard it details will be subject to the disciplinary procedures in force in the location where any infraction occurs. Talk to sources on all sides of a deal, dispute, negotiation or conflict. In assessing information from unnamed sources, weigh the source’s track record, position and motive. Indicate that you would like to share your letter with our readers.